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Ged Moffat

Jul. 15, 2021

Over the years I have visited several dental facilities, and have felt a sense of unease based upon negative experiences. Since becoming a regular at Dr. Lily and Associates these feelings quickly abated and I now can describe my attitude as one of equanimity. From reception to waiting room to treatment facility it has been first class overall every visit. No discomfort of any kind. They are excellent.

Mary Nagai

May. 3, 2021

Dr Lo and her staff have created a warm, safe and professional environment to receive your dental care. I feel very safe and well cared for at her practice. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that their patients' health. Their dental skills are top notch. Definitely would recommend this talented team!

Liza Cojuangco

Mar. 10, 2021

I’m glad that my family had found the best dental care and services Lawrence Avenue Dental has to offer. All the staff are very professional in what they do. The clinic has such a friendly and warm staff at the front, Lyn and Ella, who will greet you everytime and make sure your appointments are booked and taken cared of accordingly. More importantly they always provide us with amazing and excellent work at every visit. Dr. Lo and Dr. Ceznik are our family’s awesome dentists. Cindy does the best oral hygiene services ever! Thank you guys and more power!

Erum Ali

Oct. 12, 2022

Very quick and friendly service. The office itself is very modern and very clean. Would highly recommend!

Effie Slapnicar

Mar. 8, 2021

I recently completed veneers with Dr. Lo and it was a fantastic experience. She changed my entire smile and paid attention to every detail. I cannot be more happy with the work she has performed. Her staff and so kind and courteous and the office is run very well. I trust Dr. Lo with my family's dental health and you should too!

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Mar. 18, 2023 | Recommend

The dentist is amazing and very patient


Jan. 1, 2023 | Recommend

Very happy with the service. 👍


Dec. 2, 2022 | Recommend


Nov. 30, 2022 | Recommend

I have always found the service to be excellent, which is why I have been coming for over 20 years


Nov. 26, 2022 | Recommend

Thank you all so much for what I had feared would be a bad experience into a reassuring, welcoming and overall good one. I'm glad I've found my new dentist and team!


Nov. 24, 2022 | Recommend

Thank you!


Nov. 19, 2022 | Recommend

The staff are all friendly and extremely competent. I have been with Lawrence Avenue Dental for about 15 years and I hope to be a patient there for at least 15 more.


Nov. 19, 2022 | Recommend


Nov. 19, 2022 | Recommend


Nov. 19, 2022 | Recommend

The most fun you can have at the dentist 😁


Jun. 14, 2022 | Recommend

Lovely team!! Always a pleasure.


Mar. 31, 2022 | Recommend


Nov. 11, 2021 | Recommend

It's always a pleasure coming to your clinic!


Oct. 7, 2021 | Recommend

Excellent staff and service. Thank you


Oct. 7, 2021 | Recommend

Cindy is the best Hygienist I have had.


Sep. 22, 2021 | Recommend

I'm very satisfied with the place. Clean and professional


Sep. 22, 2021 | Recommend

Easy appointment. Pleasant staff.


Sep. 21, 2021 | Recommend

I have been seeing Joanne for many years, she is very thorough and informative.


Sep. 16, 2021 | Recommend

Great service as always!


Sep. 15, 2021 | Recommend

Treatment met my expectations


Aug. 24, 2021 | Recommend

Great care as always thank you.


Jul. 31, 2021 | Recommend

I have been a patient for more than 20 years, in that time, i have never been to another clinic in Toronto.,and I certainly don't have any plans to go anywhere else. You might have to put up with me for another 20 years.


Jul. 28, 2021 | Recommend

I have absolutely loved coming to your practise right from the beginning when Dr Lo first opened .. she and her assistants helped me overcome my fears stemming back to when I was a kid back I the ‘70’s when dentistry was a terrifying experience ☺️


Jul. 27, 2021 | Recommend

Caring and competent staff, state-of-the-art equipment, clean as a whistle - couldn't ask for anything more! A shining example for all other dental practices to follow.


Jul. 21, 2021 | Recommend

what more can I say ... I truly appreciate the fact that you are all there


Jul. 20, 2021 | Recommend

Fun and efficient. Great folks. Lets all learn Jerusalema.


Jul. 14, 2021 | Recommend

Excellent overall as always. Thanks to all.


Jul. 13, 2021 | Recommend

All good, thanks


Jul. 13, 2021 | Recommend

Very professional and courteous, I felt very safe and taken care of throughout the whole experiance, starting with wonderful receptionists.


Jul. 12, 2021 | Recommend

Great work and customer service


Jul. 8, 2021 | Recommend

I just love this clinic, and Cindy is great. Also my doctor Dr. Cheznick (spelled wrong, sorry). Is fabulous 😁


Jul. 6, 2021 | Recommend

I have been a patron of Lawrence Avenue Dental for 15+ years and have been completely satisfied on each and every visit. I plan to continue utilizing their services for the foreseeable future.


Jul. 6, 2021 | Recommend

Thank you! :)


Jul. 6, 2021 | Recommend

Our family likes the service we receive from Dr. Lo and her staff.


Jul. 6, 2021 | Recommend

Thanks everyone are super professionals the best place ever


Jul. 6, 2021 | Recommend

The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is great!


Jun. 14, 2021 | Recommend

No further comments. All great as usual.


Jun. 9, 2021 | Recommend

We moved to Orillia, and still come back to Toronto just for this wonderful place! Thank you for being so attentive and thoughtful. Our whole family - from age 84 to 18 - appreciates everything you do!


Jun. 8, 2021 | Recommend


Jun. 8, 2021 | Recommend

Friendly and welcoming staff.


Jun. 8, 2021 | Recommend

The cleaning was great Thanks


Jun. 8, 2021 | Recommend

I've been coming to LAD since 1999. That in itself is a testament to the care, professionalism and trust I have in the practice. I have over the years recommended several friends, colleagues and family to Lawrence Avenue Dental and will continue to do so. Before I found LAD I had a severe anxiety stemming back to childhood of dentists. I am never worried or anxious and always appreciate the advice, care and service that Dr. Lilo Lo and associates have always provided to me. The most succinct way to express it is that I actually ENJOY going to the dentist. How many people say that? Thank you for all you do and have done for my oral health over the years. All the best to everyone at LAD and thank you. Sincerely, Lynda Cudney


Jun. 3, 2021 | Recommend


Jun. 3, 2021 | Recommend


May. 29, 2021 | Recommend


May. 29, 2021 | Recommend


May. 26, 2021 | Recommend

love the staff


May. 25, 2021 | Recommend


May. 19, 2021 | Recommend

This dentist office has provided professional, thorough and friendly service ever since I started coming here in 2001.


May. 15, 2021 | Recommend

Love you guys!!!


May. 14, 2021 | Recommend


May. 14, 2021 | Recommend

Covid protocol is followed strictly. This is good.


May. 14, 2021 | Recommend

Everyone in office is very friendly and made me feel at ease as I was nervous


May. 14, 2021 | Recommend

Give people an estimate of the costs of the work to be done before work starts.


May. 13, 2021 | Recommend

Best dental office in THE WORLD!!


May. 11, 2021 | Recommend


May. 11, 2021 | Recommend


May. 10, 2021 | Recommend


May. 10, 2021 | Recommend


May. 8, 2021 | Recommend

What can I say I'm not scared of my dentist anymore. The entire staff are AWSOME


May. 8, 2021 | Recommend

Knowledgeable and friendly staff.


May. 8, 2021 | Recommend

I’ve been coming here since I was young, everyone is so warm and accommodating. All of the staff are wonderful and amazing people!


May. 5, 2021 | Recommend

Everyone is awesome!


May. 5, 2021 | Recommend


May. 4, 2021 | Recommend


May. 4, 2021 | Recommend

Everybody in the clinic is so kind and caring


May. 4, 2021 | Recommend

Rachel was great. Took her time and may sure I am comfortable. The administrative staff are great, super friendly and courteous.


May. 4, 2021 | Recommend


May. 3, 2021 | Recommend


May. 3, 2021 | Recommend


May. 3, 2021 | Recommend

Thank you for the awesome job you do, Dr Lily Lo and team !


May. 3, 2021 | Recommend


May. 1, 2021 | Recommend

Cindy , Dr Lo & Rachel , the rest of the sraff are always great !!!


Apr. 13, 2021 | Recommend


Apr. 3, 2021 | Recommend

Staffs are very friendly and professional.


Mar. 30, 2021 | Recommend

Absolutely the best dental care in Ontario!!!


Mar. 22, 2021 | Recommend


Mar. 22, 2021 | Recommend


Mar. 22, 2021 | Recommend


Mar. 21, 2021 | Recommend

Excellent pre-screening service during this challenging COVID-19 period. Make us feel very safe.


Mar. 17, 2021 | Recommend

All staff are very friendly and I felt safe in the environment knowing all the precautions and protocols you follow by reading about it in the newsletters/emails.


Mar. 11, 2021 | Recommend

Thanks to Lyn for calling me back as she had promised to book my appointment. I really appreciate it otherwise I would have to wait until May. Very accomodating and friendly staff. Cindy is the best, very professional, excellent and very skillful in her craft. Ambiance at the clinic is very welcoming. I wish you all the best.


Mar. 11, 2021 | Recommend

My family and I are very happy here.


Mar. 8, 2021 | Recommend

Dr. Lo and her team have been patient with me as I have inquired about the veneer process for years. After receiving all of the information I needed to know, I made the decision to proceed and I am very happy that I did. Not only did Dr. Lo provide a step by step plan that resulted in the most beautiful smile, she did it with the utmost care and attention to detail I have ever seen. Dr. Lo spent a lot of time during the procedure making sure that my veneers matched my newly whitened teeth and the results are beyond any expectation I had. She also closed a gap in my smle with the new veneer and finished it with a retainer so I can keep my smile consistent over the years. If you are thinking of changing your smile, look no further than Dr. Lo to make this happen. My only regret is that I did not act sooner.


Mar. 5, 2021 | Recommend

Felt very safe and comfortable during my appointment.